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ZA-3502 Portable Dew Point Meter

ZA-3502 portable dew point meter is an electronic residual moisture meter (electrical hygrometer),

ZA-3502 Portable Dew Point Meter


  • High performance built-in sensor (Finland VAISALA).
  • Zero point and slope automatic calibration after start.
  • Unique gas circuit design, high tightness and permeability, waterproof.
  • Large TFT LCD screen displays the dew point value and the relative relative humidity RH %, humidity value in PPM.
  • Not intended for explosive environments.


It is used in various industries to determine the residual moisture content in various gases.

Principle of operation

The work is based on the capacitive method for determining the dew point. The sensor is a sensor, which is a thin-film polymer with two electrodes on a glass substrate in a metal case. The principle of operation of the sensor

is based on the change in the electrical characteristics of the sensing element when the concentration of water vapor in the test gas changes. When the concentration of water vapor in the gas changes, a change in the signal (conductivity) from the sensor is recorded, which in turn is recalculated by the device electronics and displayed on the LCD in the form of relative humidity units.

Dew point measurement: -80 ~ +20℃
Typical accuracy: higher than ±2℃</td >
Response time (Td):, at gas temperature 20℃: -60→-20℃ 5s(63%), 10s(90%)
-20→-60℃ 45s (63%), 10min (90%)
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 100% RH ( non-condensing)
Pressure 0 ~ 20 bar
Digital output RS-232C
Dimensions 300mm × 280mm × 150mm


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