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Highly sensitive SF6 gas leak detector PGAS-32

Analog: 3-033-R200, GIR-10

PGas-32 Portable Infrared Gas Detector is a portable instrument that can perform continuous gas measurement. This leak detector is equipped with imported gas infrared sensor, uses a unique data processing method, and has the functions of high sensitivity, fast response, good stability, automatic zero drift change, and voice output, etc. The design makes it easy to carry and test; Uses organic light emitting screen and display is clear without lamp light when it works at night.

Highly sensitive SF6 gas leak detector PGAS-32

The principle of non-dispersive infrared radiation NDIR;
OLED screen, self-luminous, low power consumption and high brightness, no viewing angle problems;
High sensitivity leak detection resolution can reach 0.1ppm;
High precision and good stability;
Rapid response and recovery;
Multi-level speech and light signaling;
Can be charged by USB or AC adapter, convenient and fast storage and inquiry of measurement data;
Read and analyze data with PC software via USB;
Long sensor life.



Measurement principle

Non-dispersive infrared radiation (NDIR)

Detected gas


Measuring range

0-100 ppm/0-1000 ppm ppm/0-1500 ppm/0-2000 ppm


0.1 ppm

Operating temperature


Power Supply

4.2V, internal lithium battery power supply, 2200mAh

Response time

1~5 seconds

Warm-up time

100 seconds

Probe rod length



> 10 years


0, 7 kg


Calibration one once a year


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