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Electronic vacuum gauge VE-001

Analog: Z619R01

Electronic vacuum gauge in a transport case
The equipment is designed to determine the vacuum in gas-filled equipment.
Air from the volume of electrical equipment is pumped out by a vacuum pump to an absolute pressure < 1 mbar to prevent the formation of an air-gas mixture during filling with gas (SF6 gas, nitrogen, freon). Vacuum control can be performed using a digital electronic vacuum gauge VE-001 with great accuracy. The digital vacuum gauge installed on the VE-001 is a measuring device entered in the State Register of SI.

Electronic vacuum gauge VE-001
  • Self-sealing connections DN8, DN20

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: L 400 mm, W 400 mm, H 110 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg

Standard equipment:

  • Digital vacuum gauge, cl. accuracy 0.1%
    Display range: 0 – 400 mbar;
  • PTFE hose – 0.5 m
  • DN8 connection
  • DN20/DN8 connection
  • Transport case
  • Passport

Optional equipment:

  • Valves for connection to equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation (on request)


Other designs are available on request.


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