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SF6 room monitoring device NA-1013

Analog: 3-026-R115, 3-026-R205

Widely used in power industry, laboratories, etc. No simple wiring, stable and reliable performance.

SF6 room monitoring device NA-1013
  • RS485 bus topology, detection, indication, logging and alarm with 8 detection points
  • Sturdy mounting structure, low maintenance
  • Very wide operating power range 185~265VAC current, surge prevention, lightning protection.

Technical parameters

Operating voltage

5 In


130 x 65 x 12.9 mm

Ambient temperature


Time error

±3 min/year

Alarm storage

< /td>

2000 pcs

Operating voltage

< /td>

210~230VAC current, 50/60 Hz

Installation method

Wall-mounted, 236 mm


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