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Universal service trolley UST-030-001

Analog: B143R11, L030R02, B057R03, B057R17, GAD-2000, GPU-S-2000, GPU-B-2000

Service trolley UST-030-001 allows you to carry out all the necessary work with SF6 gas in devices with SF6 insulation: pumping SF6 gas from the volume of high-voltage equipment, filling it with SF6 gas to the nominal value, pumping out air.

Universal service trolley UST-030-001

Key features:

  • Auto control
  • Inlet pressure up to 15 bar
  • Vacuum <1 mbar

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: L 1480 mm, W 680 mm, H 1275 mm
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Operating voltage: 380V / 50Hz

Standard equipment:

  • Oil-free SF6 compressor 4 m3/h, 50 bar
  • Oil-free suction pump 5.2 m3 / hour, <1 mbar
  • Vacuum pump for air 40 m 3 /h, <1 mbar
  • Rubber hose DN8 for connection to cylinders (5 m)
  • Inlet connection DN20
  • Digital vacuum gauge (0 – 100 mbar)

Optional equipment:

  • Rubber hose DN20
  • Reinforced hose DN20
  • Valves for connection to Russian equipment (on request)






Vacuum pump for air 40 m3/h



Vacuum air pump 63 m3/h


Other designs are available on request. Weight and dimensions may vary depending on the modification.


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