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Rubber hose for SF6 gas ШР-8-8

Designed to connect service equipment for working with SF6 gas to high-voltage equipment with SF6 insulation, as well as to other service and HV equipment with DN8 check valves.
Rubber hose, designed for pressure up to 64 bar, with DN8 fittings at both ends, used to connect devices that are involved in the gas technology process of evacuation, cleaning, pumping and filling with SF6 gas.

Rubber hose for SF6 gas ШР-8-8
  • Self-sealing connections DN8
    to prevent gas emissions into the atmosphere

Technical parameters:

  • Size: DN8
  • Length: depending on version

Standard equipment:

  • DN8 connection

Optional equipment:

  • Valves for connection to equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation (on request)
  • Custom length hose (on request)



Hose length, m

ШР-8-8- 005


ШР-8 -8-010





Custom hoses are available on request.


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