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Device for checking SF6 density monitors – PMP-001

Analog: B178R01

PMP-001 is designed to determine the performance (check) of SF6 density monitors installed on volumes of high-voltage equipment with SF6 insulation: current transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, etc.

PMP-001 in automatic mode creates a working pressure in the test volume, after which the process of slow pressure reduction begins. When the pressure passes through the operation settings of the diagnosed density meter PMP-001 fixes the values of the operation of the settings. The pressure is controlled by an exemplary electronic pressure gauge (included in the state register of SI) of accuracy class 0.1.

Device for checking SF6 density monitors – PMP-001
  • Automatic control of the operation of setpoints
  • Leakproof self-sealing valves
  • Shockproof transport case
  • Reference pressure control sensor

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: L 400 mm, W 300 mm, H 330 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Power: Input: 90-264V / 50-60Hz AC. Output: 24VDC

Standard equipment:

  • Basic device with analysis vessels
  • SF6 digital sensor, class 0.1, max 10 bar
  • Readings in: bar, kPa, psi; all readings in pabs
  • Display with four LEDs
  • ON/OFF switch and power cable
  • Connection DN8, air valve
  • Transport suitcase
  • Passport instruction

Optional equipment:

  • Adapters for various density meter connections


Other designs are available on request.


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