2022-11-28.FDA program PPK.010.01.Working with SF6 service equipment

item no. Instruction program for SF6 and service equipment
Day One
1 SF6 General information about SF6, properties, applications. Impact of SF6 gas on the environment. Rules for safe work with SF6 gas and SF6 decomposition products.
2 SF6 equipmentGeneral classification of service equipment. The concept of working with SF6. Functional diagram of the operation of service trolleys. The sequence of operations with SF6. Service installations for work with SF6 gas. Devices for filling with SF6 gas. Vacuum pumps. SF6 storage tanks. Mobile oil-free suction pumps for SF6 gas. Prefilters. Special installations for working with SF6 gas. Measuring instruments. Monitoring the presence of SF6 gas in the switchgear rooms. SF6 leak detectors. Connectors.
3 Service carts. General safety regulations. Description of the product. Technical data. Transportation and installation. Commissioning. Functional diagram and parts list. Functional description: extraction and storage of SF6 gas, filling the gas space with outside air, venting the gas space, venting the gas space, filling the gas space with SF6, filling external cylinders, removing SF6 gas from the service trolley. Troubleshooting. Maintenance and functional check.

SF6 multi-analyzer.

General information. Overview of the SF6 Multianalyzer. Functional description. Description of the device and measurement process. Transfer of measured data to a computer. Trouble-shooting. Gas return system. Special features. Service.

SF6 gas leak detector.

General provisions. Functional description. Recommendations for use. Application possibilities. Maintenance.


Equipment operation instruction.

Day Two
4 Design and operation of service equipment (practical part of the briefing).

Gas technological operations with SF6 gas during maintenance and repair of high-voltage equipment with SF6 insulation, measurement of SF6 gas quality, search and elimination of SF6 gas leaks.


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