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Set of adapters unified NPU-001

Analog: Z340R21, Z340R40, Z340R41

Adapter set for connection to gas-insulated equipment
The set is equipped with adapters for adapting various connections on gas-insulated equipment to standard sizes of check valves DN8 and DN20.
Equipment is operated in the power industry with SF6 insulation of both imported and domestic manufacturers, which use valves of various nomenclature, types and sizes. NPU-001 is equipped with adapters and connections to special valves of SF6 equipment manufacturers, which are mated with standard connections DN8 and DN20, which makes it possible to connect the equipment through check valves and service SF6 equipment without SF6 emissions into the atmosphere.

Set of adapters unified NPU-001
  • Self-sealing connections DN8, DN20
    to prevent gas emissions into the atmosphere
  • Transport case

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: L 400 mm, W 400 mm, H 110 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Standard equipment:

  • VGT-110-DN8 adapter
  • VGBE-35-DN8 adapter
  • Adapter TGFM-DN8-P
  • Adapter VGP-110-DN8-U
  • TG-145-DN8 adapter
  • 6-1206-R001 DN20 connection
  • SK-372-R020 DN8 connection
  • Transport case
  • Passport

Optional equipment:

  • Valves for connection to equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation (on request)
  • Valves for connecting DILO measuring instruments (on request)


Production of a set of individual adapters is possible on request.


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