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Control unit RD-3000А

The RD-3000A control box is an intelligent interactive monitor control box designed to meet the environmental monitoring needs of industrial production. It can detect the content of the measured gas in the environment by connecting to the sensor unit. When the content of the measured gas in the environment exceeds the norm, a real-time alarm should be triggered. It has the functions of temperature and humidity detection, working status voice query, remote alarm and history query, etc. This system can be widely applied in petroleum, metallurgy and petrochemical industries, etc.

Control unit RD-3000А

Key Features

  • Displaying a list of logs by history reports for staff requested
  • Extra wide design of 185 ~ 265V AC working power supply, preventing surges.
  • Sturdy mounting structure, low maintenance




Temperature detection range

– 20℃~100℃

Relative humidity detection range

0 ~ 100%

Operating voltage

185 ~ 265V

Consumption power


Working conditions

Monitor screen

Display color: TFT 256 color LCD

Analog input

Input category: 1 ~ 8-way two-wire system, 4 ~ 20mA transmitter

Power consumption: 24V≤0.48W

Connection mode: 2-core shielded cable

Analog output

Output category: 1~8 way 4~20mA Output current

Output impedance: ≤750ohm

Connection mode: 2-core shielded cable


Contact mode: normally open

Output mode: 1 ~ 8 taps, 1-way common (maximum 16)

DC voltage: 1A , 24 VDC or 1A, 120 VAC


Data storage: 8,000 alarm messages

Installation mode: wall mounting

Dimensions: 440mm × 330mm × 130mm

Weight: approx. 9.5 kg


2-way RS485 interface


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