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SF6 quality analyzer AKE-3101-R

Analog: 3-038R-R101, 3-038R-R102, 3-038R-R201, 3-038R-R301, 3-038R-R302, 3-038R-R303, 3-038R-R401, 3-038R-R402, 3-038R-R403 3-038R-R602

SF6 quality tester

The high quality of the device guarantees measurement accuracy and ease of use. This model of the Multianalyzer makes it possible to determine up to five parameters without SF6 emissions into the atmosphere using just one gas sample. The analyzer automatically records processes, saves statistics, analyzes records and implements automatic data collection.

SF6 quality analyzer AKE-3101-R

Technical data:

  • ≥0.8 MPa (filling gas back into the volume)
  • 10.4″ color touchscreen
  • rechargeable lithium battery
  • 560mm×455mm×265mm (L×W×H)
  • 25 kg


Moisture/dew point detection

Measurement principle

Capacity resistance

Measuring range< /p>

– 60℃~ +20℃


±2 ℃

Response time

<30 s


SF6 gas purity determination

Measurement principle

Thermal Conductivity (TCD)

Range measurements

0~100% vol.


±0.5% vol.

Response time

<60 s


Additional channels:

Disintegration products detection




Measurement principle


Measurement spectrum

0~100 ppm


0 ~ 500 ppm

/1000 ppm

Detected gas

0.1 ppm

0, 1 ppm

1 ppm

Optional equipment:

• Valves for connection to equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation (on request)


Other designs are available on request.


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